Defined Queen of Adriatic sea and for three times has deserved the “blue flag” recognition. The sea in Cattolica shines of an intense blue and it’s waters are clear also thanks to the powerful purifiers scattered all around the coast. The air you can breathe on the beach is pure and healthy, rich of iodine, optimal for those who need to take a break from the heavy atmosphere of the metropolis.Cattolica’s beach is protected by a breakwater and the seabed is pretty low.These elements makes of Cattolica the perfect place to go on vacation for families with children.
Rimini - Sigismondo Castle
Intended not only as a military garrison but also as a residential and representation place for the lord of the town, the castle was inhabited from 1446, while the bastion of the outer walls are from a posterior period, successive from the death of Sigismondo. In his present state the castle has lost his original shape, represented in the commemorative medal by Matteo de’ Pasti and in Piero della Francesca’s fresco in Malatestian Temple.
Distance from the hotel: 20,00 km
San Marino
The independence of this republic has very ancient origins, so much that San Marino is considered to be the most ancient republic of all times. The tradition tells us that it was founded in 3 September 301 d.C., when Saint Marino has established a small Cristian community at the top of Titano’s mountain. The small capital contains a huge historic, cultural and architectonic patrimony.
Distance from the hotel: 35,00 km
The fortress exists from the roman epoch; today it is represented by a construction of the Renaissance made by the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini from Siena to whom, in his turn, was entrusted by Federico de Montefeltro to adapt the fortress for new kind of arms. Today many visitors are attracted by the place of imprisonment and death of Cagliostro.
Distance from the hotel:  53,50 km
This fortress of antique origin was going through a severe confrontation between Malatesta and Montefeltro families as far as it had an exceptionally strategic position. Its narrow passageway of the tower of the gate which resembles so much a medieval drawbridge gained the fame of one of the most beautiful similar constructions of Italy. 
Distance from the hotel: 19,70 km
The fortress is a magnificent example of  XII-XIV cent. military architecture  that majestically enthrone Gradara hill,  a few kilometers from the sea. Started 900 years ago by Degriffo family  was enlarged and enriched over the centuries by the different  Gradara landowners:  the Malatesta, the Sforza, the Della Rovere.
Distance from the hotel: 7,90 km
Historical references to this fortress appeared at the end of the XIX century and they send us back to Federico Barbarossa, to the confrontation between Guelfi and Ghibellini, to the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca and to the long domination of Malatesta family (1248 – 1471). Actually, the fortress was reconstructed due to one of the members of Malatesta family – Sigismund Pandolfo (man of letters, warrior, architect). The work was finished in 1447 and the complex looks in the same way nowadays.
Distance from the hotel: 32,40 km
The fortress, so called “rock”, remains very visible as far as it was reconstructed and restored and along with Montebello, San Leo and Santarcangelo is one of the most beautiful and interesting fortresses in Valmarecchia.
Distance from the hotel: 35,00 km.
Montefiore Conca – Malatestian fortress
This fortress dominates the middle valley of the Conca and twenty, and is a part of the most strong and coherent chain of Malatestian defense system. It is probably the most characteristic of the malatestian castles for his round shape and the elevation of the fortress, unusual, almost surreal, smooth and faceted, compact and crystalline; it’s no surprise that Giovanni Bellini was struck by his beauty, who reproduced it in the background of at least two of his paintings.
Distance form the Hotel: 16,80 km
This is a fortress of feudal origin which was built on the roman ruins “castrum” of the XI century.  The fortress is protected by a rock from above and has a strategic position in the valley Marecchia. It has such a compact construction of grey colour that even now, if you look high into the sky it seems that there is a sentry controlling the borders of three regions and 2 states.
Distance from the hotel: 40,00 km
In the fortress of Mondiano both the defensive walls and the northern entrance authenticate the refinement so typical of Sigismund Malatesta. Together with a theatrical round square with porticoes of the XIX century they make up a very picturesque complex. 
Distance from the hotel: 19,00 km
That is the gate of Valconca.
The city flourished due to agriculture of this plain; this territory still abounds in beautiful villages where agriculture is the main function. Here they have grain and wine of highest quality. Antique fortifications and the structure of the village tell us about its importance at Malatesta family government time.  Distance from the hotel: 4,80 km
During roman domination Urbino was a very important strategic city which is confirmed by indirection in the stories about the battles on Metauro in 207 B.C. between romans and Asdrubal. Nevertheless there are no mentions about the city in the first centuries of the Middle Ages. But it is known that Urbino was considered an important city as far as it was attacked by Goths, Byzantines and Lombards. The city was conquered by the Byzantine Belisarius in 538 A.D.
The distance from the hotel: 46,30 km


Riccione – Via Pistoia (in front of the entry to the motorway A14)
Tel. +39 0541 603050 Fax +39 0541 606454
During the years of its existence Aquafan has become a privileged place of new fashion trends and it confirms the fact of Riccione being the origin of fashion and style.
Distance from the hotel: 11,00 km
Riccione - Via Pistoia (nera the entry to the motorway A14)
Tel. +39 0541 4271
Oltremare is a result of investment of more than 70 millions euro realized from many years of work of the Aquafan Park and the Dolphinarium of Riccione.
Distance from the hotel: 11,00 km
Riccione - Via Ascoli Piceno
Tel. +39 0541 609000 Fax +39 0541 600610
A huge 7-storey cinema with the exclusive technology  IMAX ® - 70 mm film with 15 perforations, digital sound surround system of 12000 watt and gigantic screen of 22 meters height.
Distance from the hotel: 11,00 km
Ravenna - Statale Adriatica SS 16
Tel. +39 0544561111 Fax +39 0544 560195
Every day in different parts of the park there are shows and performances for children and for families as well. Chasing, explosions, duels and many other emotions.
Distance from the hotel: 67,00 km
Rimini - Via Cardano, 15 (Rivazzurra di Rimini)
Tel. +39 0541 372064 Fax +39 0541 378662
The park is situated nearby the sea, between Rimini and Riccione and is easily reachable from the motorway A14.  This is a park with  150000 square meters territory sunk in green. Often visited by schoolchildren, the park has become a perfect place of combining study and entertainment.
Distance from the hotel: 15,00 km
Italy in miniature
Viserba di Rimini - Via Popilia, 239 (S.S. 16 Adriatica"" - Km. 197)"
Tel. 0541 732004 Fax 0541 732203
Experience marvelous adventures exploring cultural heritage of Italy and Europe represented in more than 270 perfect reproductions on a scale of monuments and masterpieces of architecture.
Distance from the hotel: 26,60 km
Water Park Le Navi
Cattolica - P.le delle Nazioni 1/A
Tel. +39 0541 8371 Fax +39 0541831350
Vast green territory is used as a public park where you can take advantage of the following services: relax zone, adjacent beach, restaurants, bars, thematic shops, equipped green zone, child animation, performances, exhibitions, cultural and sports events, congresses.
Distance from the hotel: 600 m
Indiana Golf
Riccione - Via Torino 30/a
Tel. +39 0541 691764
Indiana Golf è il più grande adventurgolf tematizzato d'Italia.Immerso in un parco di 7000 mq., sul lungomare di Riccione a 5 minuti dal centro, potrai vivere un'avventura indimenticabile.
Distanza dall'Hotel: 4,00 km
San Marino adventures
Rep. di San Marino - Parco di Montecerreto 47890 RSM
Tel. 335 7344140
The park offers different exciting attractions among the trees and nature.  This is the biggest park on the Adriatic Riviera and its 16 routs guarantee entertainment and adrenalin to children, teenagers and adults in perfect security.
Distance from the hotel: 40,00 km
Toy Train Tut
A practical and fun way to move around Cattolica and his neighborhood: the small trains have become a distinctive element of tourism in Cattolica, and with a few euros allow to move around Cattolica and to get to Gabicce Monte and Gradara in a few minutes.
You can easily find one at the most suitable time, as the service is active all day long at pretty sustained cadences.
Sea excursion
If you want to live in a day the experience of a cruise on Adriatic Sea, in front of Cattolica’s Parco delle Navi you can board the notorious Queen Elizabeth motor ship, that propose excursion on the most fascinating places of Romagna’s and Marche’s coast, crossing Adriatic sea in order to reach Pesaro’s, Fano’s, Vallugola’s and Rimini’s coasts, Adriatic Coast tour by night, and for the lovers of deep-sea fishing: mackerel and tuna fishing.
Sailing school for all
The courses are organized on the student’s needs, alternating lectures and trips to sea, followed by the instructor on a dinghy. Cattolica’s navy logistic is completely accessible and provided with hygienic services and shower. The first lesion is free and opened to everyone; the school also has a trident boat as a sailing school.
Via Marinai d’Italia s.n. Nuova Darsena, Cattolica (RN)
Kitesurf school
Adjacent to “Le Navi” park (ex zone 117) the CONCARIDERS center offers his qualified instructor’s abilities for BASIC (beginners) and ADVANCED (refinement) courses.
The center also rents: sup, surd, kitesurf.
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